January 2020

Yallingup Galleries & Larry Mitchell
Whale Shark research update...

We're thrilled to share with you the latest update on our Whale Shark "Toro"

Toro was tagged in December 2018 at Saleh Bay, Sumbawa, Indonesia. He is a 5.42m male who, after having spent 8 months in Saleh Bay, headed out south over the Java Trench into Australian waters, then back up to south Java before coming back down into Australian EEZ. By October, he was then located near SW Sumbawa before "going home" to Saleh Bay in late October.
A pretty amazing little track over a quick two month walkabout - during which time he recorded an amazing 1879m dive - well beyond the rated depth capacity of the tag at 1800. Good job Toro!

Snorkeller with  whale shark , photographed by Mark  Erdmann

Snorkeller with  whale shark , photographed by Mark  Erdmann

Become a part of Whale Shark research

As many of you know, through Conservation International supporting the work of Dr Mark Erdmann there is a commitment towards donating to the Whale Shark Research off the Papua New Guinea coastline with every sale of the exclusive Larry Mitchell prints through Yallingup Galleries.

Inspired to support this worthwhile programme, Yallingup Galleries and Larry Mitchell have recognised the need to be able to provide reliable and ongoing funding. With this objective a priority, Limited Edition Prints from original paintings by Larry Mitchell have been released. As an exclusive collaborative with Larry Mitchell and the Gallery the prints are a Limited Edition of 50 on canvas with part proceeds of every sale allocated to the Whale Shark Research.

As a leading Western Australian artist, Larry Mitchell is renowned for his panoramic seascapes inspired by his passion for the environment and its preservation. In an ongoing attempt to record the places and cultures that are under threat by global warming and the influences of economic and cultural globalization, Larry continues to record this in his large - scale realist paintings.

Latest Print Release.

'Afternoon Yallingup' limited edition print release of 50

Stretched 100cm H x 200cm W            Framed 104cm H x 204cm W

The release of the Limited Edition Prints is an exclusive collaborative between Yallingup Galleries and Larry Mitchell as a continuing application to preserving the environment.

The Nook
'The Nook' limited edition print release of 50

Dr Mark  Erdmann

With this funding, this programme will continue to gather vital research information important to the survival of the Whale Shark population in these regions.

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