Yallingup Galleries
July 2018

Alohadingo Calisto Valu
Acrylic on Canvas
119cm H x 165cm W

Derek Glaskin
Derek Glaskin felt inspired to paint from an early age. He developed a passion for surfing that guided him to other locations and ultimately, he found his way from Australia to Hawaii, following an invitation to exhibit at the World Expo 88.

He has been painting in Hawaii since. Using traditional symbols and designs, Derek manipulates his surface to transform his compositions into powerful objects telling complex stories. With a focus on texture and tribal patterns that are testament to his own indigenous background, many of his works are inspired by the history, culture and identity of Hawaii as told to him by the indigenous elders.

Yallingup Galleries is proud to introduce this accomplished artist to the gallery, with a representation of original artworks and a series of open edition prints from original paintings.

Seven Sisters Series
'Pukewa - Sunrise'
'Pueo Alii Dreaming'
Medium and Large Prints available

John Lacey
'Oakover Gorge Reflections' oil on linen
50cm H x 55cm W

'Oakover Gorge Reflections' oil on linen
50cm H x 55cm W

The softness of colour, light and atmosphere created within the landscape initially captured John Lacey’s imagination and inspires him to paint.

John’s work is ever evolving and he uses the landscape as the vehicle to express his creative thoughts. His paintings have a strong sense of place although moving toward the abstract with an underlying design quality, texture and colour.

Douglas Kirsop
'Carawine Reflections' Oil on Linen
 65cm H x 110cm W
Douglas states “My work is often about light and how it falls on the landscape. The landscape forms the basis of my subject matter whether figuratively or exploring its abstract properties. The ancient qualities and size of the Australian landscape also contribute to the challenge of interpreting it through painting”.
The vastness of the Australian landscape, its light and colour inspire Douglas to capture this on canvas and is his way of reasoning his position in the world whose beauty he attempts to reflect.
‘Winter Creek’ Oil on Canvas
110cm H x 120cm W  

Gary Leathendale
‘The Rise’ Oil on Canvas
91cm H x 121cm W  
As a full time artist Gary is a keen believer in the empirical nature of art. Determined not to be constrained by style he draws from an infinite array of ideas and works in a variety of genres which allows him to constantly change and mentally flex his approach to painting.

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