June 2018

'Rabbit Monday 2017'
Hand-blown and engraved glass
52 x 19 cm (outer form); 19 x 12 cm (inner form)
Kayo  Yokoyama makes us see glass, gifting it to us in a way that allows us to see its beauty and her message.
“The white rabbit reminds me to examine and utilise the tools we have within ourselves. The white rabbit served as a guide to steer us towards the right direction. But just like in Lewis Carrolls' book of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, it is always running late. This work is to remind us to seize the moment and take the matter in hand.â€
Robert Wynne
Glass Fruit in Green
Glass Fruit in Cobalt
Glass Fruit in Red
Glass Fruit in Yellow
Robert Wynne's hand-blown glass pieces express his passion for the dynamic process of glass blowing. Apart from the visual appeal he relishes the choreography in glass blowing, and particularly, the immediacy and risk that the material demands.
Chubby Button
Mousetraps #12
Smiths #18
Chubby Button has been experimenting with the knowledge of colour developing over time. Chubby uses various rendering techniques taking advantage of a particularly solid technical base and finding most success in abstract impressionism, inspired by the infinite variability of the ocean he loves.
Rodney Blumenfeld
Ceramic Form Large
Small Platter Round
Ceramic Form Small
With a background in architecture and a strong passion for his South African culture Rodney Blumenfeld's interest in ceramics developed to become a full-time occupation. Rodney creates deeply textured, sensual and motif-laden ceramic forms. Traditional tribal motifs and earthy colours are embedded in each exclusive piece.
Rita Winkler
The Reef
Estuary Views
The Stranding
Tree of Life
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