Issue 56 July
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Regina Noakes


                                                                                                                       Fiji Cyclone
Willie Creek   
                                                                                                                 Eye of the Storm - Fiji
  Feature Artist : Gary Leathendale

Having explored various career options Gary  became inspired to pursue a creative path in the arts. He had previously enjoyed sketching a diverse range of compositions so he decided to enroll in a drawing course under the guidance of Larry Mitchell.

It was quickly established that Gary had a natural talent that enabled artistic self – exploration, not to be constrained by style and to draw from an infinite array of ideas. As a full time artist he is a keen believer in the empirical nature of art. As an advocate of plein-air painting he often endures the elements to capture coastal, river and wetland scenes with a strapped down easel in a storm. 

Gary works in a variety of genres, which allows him to constantly change and mentally flex his approach to painting. He works in a variety of mediums which include charcoal, acrylic, oil and mixed media, constantly exploring new ideas of pre
senting his highly sought after works

Feature Artist : Jenni Doherty

With references to fashion and culture Jennis' unique paintings are created through a layering of images and mediums.

Creating a link to a personal landscape, her works inspire a relationship to a time and place. Her trademark mixed media style specialises in patterns built up with lino block prints, acrylic, gouache, silver or gold leaf, oils, paper and textiles.

           Precious Gold  
   Feature Artist : Regina Noakes
Regina became inspired when she visited the island of Capri, Italy, as a young woman, and worked as an assistant to an art professor. During that time Regina found Romanesque paintings in southern Italian cathedrals a great influence, particularly the large flat surfaces with wide-eyed figures. Her initial focus was often paintings of women, in a colourful narrative form, aspects of which continue to find their way into her painting even today.

Painting instinctively, and drawing on personal experiences and observations, Reginas’ paintings abound with people and animals whose demeanours range from the contemplative to the crazy. Her current paintings involve mainly female figures in situations, sometimes translated from childhood memories often drawn from suburban family life.

                                                Blue Angel                                                       Reverie
    Feature Artist: Stuart Penny
Stuart Penny creates individual and unique jewellery designs.  His jewellery features pearls, precious and semi precious gems set in gold and silver. They are detailed, well crafted, sometimes whimsical and often reflect his interests and inspirations derived from the timeless, the ancient patterns, textures and the forces of nature found in the Australian landscape.
Ring - Aquamarine Pendant  Ring - Cook Island Pearls