Issue 55 June
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Keilko Uno

Paul Evans

Robert Wynne
Zygmunt Libucha
Kayo Yokoyama
  Silver Princess and Temple Jar
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Three Pomegranates and Two Pears Silver Princess and Glass Vase

Feature Artist : Crispin Akerman

Crispin Akerman breathes life back into the tradition of still life painting with his perfectly executed arrangements that are beautifully depicted and hauntingly real. His compositions are deceptively simple: he arranges carefully chosen objects, creating a sense of tension and balance.

While the works are largely observational, the arrangement of the objects is highly constructed over underlying geometries, allowing for the exploration of harmony, balance, tension, light and atmosphere.  His paintings explore their intimate nature in a non-specific location.  The elements of this genre that Crispin finds so interesting are "the contemplative potential in it, the suggestion of the kinetic in the static, the metaphysical promise present in the very words, still life”.

      Feature Artist : Keiko Uno
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Spirit of the Sea Cuff Ocean Twilight Citrine Cocktail Ring

Keiko Uno’s exquisite jewellery captivates both the eye and imagination with its breath taking beauty. Created out of a passion for excellence and the unique synergy of the youthful liberated Australian spirit and traditional Japanese principles, Keiko’s jewellery exudes confidence, sophistication and allure.

In Keiko’s words “My art is about capturing and communicating the beauty that surrounds us in exquisite pieces of jewellery. The genesis is always an experience I want to share, and a predominant focus in my work is to find the magical fusion between contrasting elements such as: lightness and darkness; refined elegance and liberated boldness; and my Japanese and Australian cultures. When the materials and finishes I’ve employed result in a delightful alchemy of allure and magic, I know a piece is done”.
  Feature Artist : Paul Evans
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     Rainbows     Fly Away
Paul Evans paints a variety of subjects, often drawing on the power and beauty of nature for inspiration. His portrayal is of dynamic and striking sunsets, gentle riverbanks with quiet reflections, the outback, countryside and seascapes. He captures nature quite faithfully and with his individual style and sense of composition, presents work of great interest and appeal. Paul skilfully and patiently creates his works by careful observation of colour, tone and form.
It is the familiarity of Paul Evans’ subjects that strikes a chord with so many. His works recall memories of days spent at the beach and imbue a sense of wonder at Australia's spectacular natural wilderness.
    Feature Works:  
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Robert Wynne Zygmunt Libucha Kayo Yokoyama

 Davis Island Limited Edition Print Release
   $2450             Exclusive Limited Edition Print of 50 on Canvas         Image 67cm x 200cm
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