Issue 53 April


Maki Horanai
Ken Gailer

Kayo Yokoyama

Keith Rowe

Larry Mitchell
     quiet movements in space
      quiet movements in space
asylum free to fly
    asylum    free to fly
  Feature Artist : Maki Horanai
Maki was born in Japan and grew up in small seaside villages in Hokkaido where she often sat or played along the beach.  Her early influences were the ocean, the shore, the birds and islands she saw both in reality and in her imagination.  Makis' paintings show a world that exists both nowhere and everywhere, in the real world and in our dreams.

Iconography and symbolism are at the heart of Maki Horanais' paintings. Her works recall the beautiful surfaces and sacred intricacies of religious paintings of the high renaissance. Horanai manipulates her acrylic paints to mimic the dense and precious hues of tempera and gold leaf. Her landscapes are populated by figures, maybe human or maybe divine, interacting in a stylised and dreamlike landscape. Her work reflects an elegant marriage of artistic influences and cultural learning.

Horanais' symbolic lexicon does not come with translation, the features of the paintings give a strong sense of meaning, but this meaning is not explained. Horanais' works are beautiful, they are technically graceful and conceptually wistful.

  Feature Artist : Rita Winkler  
2513249.jpg 2513246.jpg 2513247.jpg
Earrings Love Apple Earrings

Rita Winkler is a designer and jeweller who immigrated to Australia from Germany in 1985. Rita creates individual jewellery in sterling silver, 24kt gold and various gemstones and pearls. Her contemporary designs encompass a vast range of exclusive rings, earrings, pendants, and uniquely crafted brooches.
Both architecture and nature inspire Ritas' jewellery designs. This represents a reflection of her outlook on life as well as the basic issues of human kind inspiring her to look inward and create images and concepts that reflect her philosophy. Here she puts into form that which has no form.
  Feature Artist : Ken Gailer
Everything Skies Tidal Pools
    Evening Skies     Tidal Pools

Ken Gailer presents a series of landscape paintings he refers to as “Windows to the World”. These works are reflections of the Australian landscape painted from both memory and photographs.  Minutely detailed panels juxtaposed with expansive passages of sky and water, they explore the moods, colours and ever changing patterns of the world in which we live.
  Feature Artists: Kayo Yokoyama and Keith Rowe
2516108.jpg 2515442.jpg 2515446.jpg
Kayo Yokoyama Keith Rowe Kayo Yokoyama

A love of objects and working with the transparent medium of glass has enabled Kayo Yokoyama to express her concept of 'home'. She says, “The landscape in an object is a metaphor... homeland is a place I search for. Whilst I am sitting among trees, I am in my homeland".

Keith Rowe has worked with glass for over 20 years and enjoys creating balanced forms with exciting decorative elements. Over the years Keith has developed his own individual styles, often working on a body of work to produce a series.

Keith states 'My pieces are an acknowledgement of our beautiful and wondrous world in what is a very fragile place in the planetary experience.'

  Limited Edition Print: Larry Mitchell  
Davis Island
  Davis Island      Print on Canvas with UV Archival Coating Image       67cm H  x 200cm W

Yallingup Galleries presents a new release limited edition print, the third in a series of prints by Larry Mitchell.

Exclusive to Yallingup Galleries 'Davis Island Abrolhos' is a limited edition print of 50. Individually presented with a Certificate of Authenticity, the print is a high quality production on canvas to the dimension 67cm H x 200cm W.

'The Basin Rottnest' in this series is currently available and 'Abrolhos Drop Off' has subsequently sold out.

An initiative underlying the release of the Larry Mitchell print series is the commitment to the donation of a portion of the sales for allocation to the Whale Shark Tagging Programme off 
the South and West Coast of Papua. 

For more information regarding the Limited Edition prints by Larry Mitchell please contact the Gallery.

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