Issue  47 JULY 2015
  Feature Artist:
Christopher Spaven

  Feature Designer:
Jen Banks

  New Work:
Ian Mutch

  New Work

    Bird in Cage Girl in Pot  
Feature Artist: Cate Edwards
Cate Edwards spent her teenage years living on 15 acres of Eagle Bay beachfront in the South West of Western Australia.

She completed her tertiary qualifications and taught art in Sydney for five years. After a successful exhibition in 1997 at the Australian Craft Show in Sydney, Cate gave up teaching to concentrate on her own work. which includes the technique of layering, depth of colour and detailed pen and ink. Her paintings often explore the relationship between people, nature and objects.

Cate has developed a very strong following and expanded her original artworks into publication.

                  Tiger Tiger
                  Yallingup Girls on Blue
                     Riding Hen

    Feature Artist: Christopher Spaven  

Christopher has enjoyed a successful career as an art director and illustrator as well as running his own studio. Most recently he has turned his attention to a full time artist in life drawing and painting.

At all times Christopher works directly from a life model avoiding a set 'nude' pose. The aim is to draw or paint quickly, capturing a moment. With meticulous observation he creates sweeping, simple, fluid lines, flowing with rhythm and harmony and enjoys using different media, sometimes applied in combination on a mixed gesso background.

Christopher has received awards in three different media:  charcoal, watercolour and oils, as well as many commendations.

        Lost in a Good Book, Life Study        Private Conversations, Life Study

   New Designer: Jen Banks  

Jen Banks has a passion for jewellery, but it wasn't until 2002 that she discovered the thrill of working with precious metal. It became a passion to create stunning, wearable impressions of the world around her in a Jen's style could be described as 'Natural-Industry' or 'Industrial-Nature'. Inspiration surrounded her and anything from a mossy branch to a window frame inspired creativity.

Re-cycling and up-cycling is very important to Jen who sources raw metal from an Australian firm who manufacture solely from recycled metals.

The jewellery technique 'piercing' is one that plays a major part in the creation of many of Jen's pieces. For Jen, the joy of creating jewellery is only surpassed by the absolute thrill of someone liking her work so much that they want it for themselves.


Paua Dragonfly
Bird Earrings

Birds in the bush Pendant
    New Work: Ian Mutch

Cresent 5
Cresent 3
Ian Mutch is a designer, artist and illustrator from Dunsborough, Western Australia. His artworks are created from a mix of drawing ink, acrylics, watercolours and spray paint.
Drawing ink is traditionally applied with a small quill, portraying a combination of dreamy characters, critters, animals, patterns, stories and random items. The resulting work holds beauty on two levels - it can be enjoyed from a distance, while also entertaining the viewer with tiny details close up.

Ian has worked with various clients and agencies and is now enjoying the freedom of  freelance design, illustration and painting.

Cresent 2
Cresent 4
       New Work