Issue 43, November 2014
  Feature Artist:
  Douglas Kirsop

      Feature Artist:
  Paul Evans

      New Work:
  Paul Margocsy

      Feature Artist: 
  Nick Economo
      New Artist:
Brian Simmonds

       New Work
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 Pilbara Landscape Afternoon
 Feature Artist: Douglas Kirsop
Douglas Kirsop has travelled many times to the north to paint, including the Pilbara, Kimberley, Murchison as well as the Northern Territory. "The north will always have a fascination and be an endless source of inspiration. The timeless, vast and spiritual nature of its land has a power which has not been felt anywhere else".

As Douglas explains, “…The landscape forms the basis of my subject matter whether figuratively or exploring its abstract properties. The ancient qualities and size of the Australian landscape also contribute to the challenge of interpreting it through painting…”

Douglas Kirsop is one of Western Australia’s most acclaimed painters represented nationally and internationally in private and corporate collections.

     Feature Artist: Paul Evans
Through The Mist  Deep In The Forest  

Paul paints a variety of subjects, often drawing on the power and beauty of nature for inspiration. He skillfully and patiently creates his works by careful observation of colour, tone and form.

Pauls work is said to be "Conceptual and abstract as the artist concentrates on capturing the impossibly transient imagery of moving water and wet sand... a tour de force of paint transparency".

      Feature Artist : Paul Margocsy
Australian Azure Kingfisher
Australian Rainbow Lorikeets
Australian Galah  

Paul Margocsy developed a love of painting at an early age. He became engrossed in wildlife art and this passion lead to his research in ornithology. With no formal art training, and through experimentation, he has become a renowned and highly acclaimed artist.

With a photographic memory, and prodigious drawing skills, Paul is able to capture more than a visual truth. With his observation and knowledge of different bird species behaviours, he captures the character and charm of his subjects. Through precise detail, the fine rendering of feather and eye and claw, in watercolour and opaque gouache, the viewer sees a bird rather than a painting.

     Feature Artist: Nick Economo
Mixed Poppies Mixed Poppies on White

Nick embraces an impressionistic style in his paintings using a palate with lots of strong colour to produce the depth and texture evident in his floral pieces.

He is strongly influenced by nature and his surroundings, finding fresh stimulus for the deep imagination that lies behind his original works when he travels to the southwest coastal and wilderness outback areas of Western Australia.

Nick has won numerous awards for his works and is represented in many public and private collections in Australia and overseas.

    Feature Artist: Brian Simmonds
 The Lure of the Landscape - (Detail of artwork )   Exquisite Landscape  

Brian commenced his career as a Lithographer in the printing industry. Born in Western Australia, he has studied Fine Art in many mediums and subjects for over forty years. Recent successes for Brian have been his nomination for the Children’s Book Council “Crichton Award” as best new illustrator for his contribution to "Lighthouse Girl".

In addition to his personal art pursuits he has taught drawing and painting courses for the University of Western Australia through its extension programme. He exhibits regularly and currently teaches " Art for Recreation ". He has won numerous prizes for his drawing, oil painting and mixed media works.

     New Works
Kayo Yokoyama Rob Malcolm  Kayo Yokoyama
Gerry Reilly Rick Knopke  Gerry Reilly

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