Issue 42, October  2014
  Feature Artist:
  Ken Rasmussen

      Feature Artist:
  Simon Mclean 

      Feature Artist:
  Keiko Uno

      Larry Mitchell :
  Exclusive Release
  Limited Edition

       New Work

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   Golden  Dawn
  Feature Artist: Ken Rasmussen
Ken Rasmussen has lived and travelled widely in Western Australia and spent time observing the landscape in detail. His works are represented in many public and private collections both in Australia and overseas.

Ken has painted professionally since graduating, gaining a reputation for drawing, watercolour and oil painting skills that place him in the front rank of realist-impressionist painters working today.

In this latest series of work, Ken Rasmussen looked for alternatives that would force him to paint using new processes of applying paint to the canvas. Over the past year Ken has developed his own painting technique whereby works are drawn with an engraving drill and then painted with rollers and oil paint sticks.

The paintings depict the Mosman Bay area and the Perth CBD skyline.

    Big Red Sunrise        City Sunset
   Feature Artist: Simon Mclean
Simon Mclean's works display deft graphic skills, with an underlying sense of humour finely honed over many years of working in the publishing and advertising industries, both in Australia and Internationally. Simon has also successfully developed and illustrated his own children’s book ranges and a myriad of illustration projects.

Simon’s art on paper, canvas and also sculpture continues to be applauded for its originality and eclectic themes that have been described as anything from dark and moody to hilariously disturbing. His vision is one of a universe where frailty and humour collide, where the exaggerated is normal and where the sky is perpetually aglow. So strong is his imagery that his works become so beautifully luminous that they embed themselves in the viewers mind in nothing less than technicolor.

We Contemplate the Cosmos
    Feature Artist : Keiko Uno
Keiko Uno’s exquisite jewellery captivates both the eye and imagination with its breathtaking beauty. Created out of a passion for excellence and the unique synergy of the youthful, liberated Australian spirit and traditional Japanese principles, Keiko’s inspirational jewellery exudes confidence, sophistication and allure.

Keiko’s designs are a poetic development of ideas that inspire a deep passion for life, love and beauty. Today Keiko travels the world hand selecting the gemstones that add sparkle and colour to her designs.

Ring 'Sway with Me' Coral Pendant or Ring Ring 'Fan of the Sea - Opal'

Larry Mitchell - Exclusive Release Limited Edition Print
'The Basin, Rottnest' - print dimensions 66.5cm H x 178cm W
Yallingup Galleries is proud to present the exclusive release of “The Basin, Rottnest”. This is a Limited Edition Print of fifty on canvas produced from an original by one of WA’s premier artist’s Larry Mitchell.  The image portrays Mitchell’s capability to capture on canvas the iconic Western Australian seascape for which he is renowned.

An initiative underlying the release of “The Basin, Rottnest” by Larry Mitchell, is the commitment to donate a portion of the sales to the Whale Shark Tagging Programme located off the South and West Coast of Papua.  This research is providing vital information backing the development of critical regulations to protect this species and support a burgeoning whale shark tourism industry that is sustainable with benefits to local communities.

For more information regarding the Limited Edition prints by Larry Mitchell please contact the Gallery.
     New Works
Rita Winkler Tamorin Lavers   Zygmunt Libucha
Tamorin Lavers 'Checking the Mail'                                 Robert Jones

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