Yallingup Galleries
    Issue 38, June 2014
  Feature Artist:
Douglas Stewart

    Feature Artist:
  Regina Noakes

    Feature Artist:
  Dean Smith

    Feature Design:
  Keiko Uno
    Feature Artist:
  Tamara Dixon

    New Works

Yallingup Galleries


10am - 5pm

   White Orchids
  Feature Artist: Douglas Stewart
Douglas spent his early years painting at every opportunity with informal training from his parents, both prominent local artists. At just nineteen he held his first solo exhibition. Painting in semi abstract style, birds and still life are favourite subjects with special interest in wrens and Chinese vases.

Gold leaf features heavily in Douglasís work and he ensures he uses only the finest quality gold leaf and paints. Sixteenth century gilding techniques are used to apply the gold. Most of his works are then framed in hand finished frames made by Douglas and fitted with ultra violet protective glazing to ensure the longevity of the artwork.

    Falling Mango    The Surfer     Yellow Bikini
     Feature Artist: Regina Noakes  
Regina is a full time professional artist who exhibits internationally. Trained as a pianist, Regina turned to painting when she visited the island of Capri, Italy, as a young woman and worked as an assistant to an art professor, Antonio Napoli. Also from that time Regina found Romanesque paintings in southern Italian cathedrals a great influence - particularly the large flat surfaces with wide-eyed figures, often women, and a simply-told, colourful narrative form, aspects of which continue to find their way into her paintings.
Blue Micro Matte Crystalline
Bowl with Platinum Finish
Dark Aqua Crystalline Bowl
with Metallic Glaze
Intense Red Matte
Crystalline Bowl
   Feature Artist: Dean Smith  
Largely self-taught, Dean strives to create work that is both aesthetically and technically well resolved with a high degree of craftsmanship. All of his pieces are hand thrown from porcelain. This creates an excellent white background for his high fired glazes, which include zinc crystalline, metallic bronze, crackle, lustres and monochrome glazes. The individuality of Deanís work comes from the application of contrasting surface treatments, along with distinctive detailing.
     Feature Design: Keiko Uno
Spirit of the Sea - Statement Pendant
Spirit of the Sea - Pendant
The Spirit of the Sea series pendants are inspired by the liberating and invigorating spirit of the sea featuring pearls, Australian opals, amethyst, peridot and blue topaz set in solid sterling silver finished with black rhodium and 18 karat yellow gold. Cuffs, rings, earrings and cufflinks are all also available in the 'Spirit of the Sea' series.
      Feature Artist: Tamara Dixon
     Ching      Sea Foam      Knight
Concentrating on the ancient technique of chain making, Tamara works exclusively in fine silver, for the purity of the metal and the durability it affords. Along with traditional designs, her contemporary chain designs tend to incorporate texturing and weaving metal techniques.

These ranges have been extended to include contemporary materials such as rubber.  The wire is hand made, and every jump ring is soldered to produce a durable piece of miniature sculpture, then to be completed as  necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and cufflinks.

     New Works
Jenni Doherty
Zygmunt Libucha
Jenni Doherty
Liz McKay
Liz McKay