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 Issue 34, October 2013  

Flooded South Alligator River





Cloud Over Lagoon
Cloud Over Lagoon

Grevillea Pool

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Feature Artist: Douglas Kirsop
Douglas Kirsop is a highly respected artist whose vibrant images reflect an appreciation for the expansive Australian landscape. Douglas has the unique ability to interpret the distinctive character, light and atmosphere of the landscape he captures in his paintings. The natural environment forms the basis of his subject matter whether figuratively or exploring its abstract properties. ''My art is expressed through the language of painting my reaction to a visual experience. It may be a landscape, the play of light over a subject, the movement of water, the colour of the rock, but I am compelled and inspired to put it down on paper or canvas and develop it further in the studio’’


Detail of 'Abrolhos Island'
  Feature Artist: Larry Mitchell
  Larry is a self-taught artist who grew up in Northampton, Western Australia. It is here that he developed an interest in the coastal environment, where he spent his formative years beach combing, fishing and diving up and down the west coast.  His work in this area has taken him throughout the Indian and Pacific ocean regions. His aim is not only to record but also to create a yearning for what might be lost. Painterly marks are used to capture light and subtleties in movement across and below the water. Paint is just as consciously removed as it is applied ensuring Larry Mitchell's seascapes are as intriguing up close as they are from afar.

Fijian Fire Plant

 Dragon Vase

  Feature Artist: Douglas Stewart
At the age of 19 Douglas Stewart held his first solo exhibition. Douglas spent his early years painting under the influence of his parents Wim Boissevain and Diana Johnston, both prominent WA artists. After extensive travels throughout Asia, Douglas's work became increasingly influenced by oriental art. Painting in a semi abstract style Douglas Stewart captures his favorite subjects of birds and still life while incorporating 16th century guilding techniques, using gold leaf and layers of rich colours.

              Michelle Kaucic

                   Rita Winkler

                Gerry Reilly

               Judy Prosser

                Len McKenna

              Julie Silvester

   New Works to the Gallery
Over the past month the Yallingup Galleries has received new works by artists Judy Prosser,
Julie Silvester and Rita Winkler.
Please don't hesitate to contact the Gallery with any inquiry you may have.
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