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         Issue 33, September 2013
    Feature Artist: Rebecca Cool
    New Artist: Kate Floyd
    Feature Artist: Tamorin Lavers
    Feature Artist: Brendan Tibbs
    New Work in the Gallery
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Detail of 'Folkdance'

Feature Artist: Rebecca Cool
South West artist Rebecca Cool has been painting her distinctly recognisable faces since she was 10 years old, having grown up in an artistic family environment.

Rebecca reflects that she is happiest when she is creating and feels more in love with her work than ever.

Rebecca's vibrant and unique mixed media pieces feature vintage fabrics. These fabrics are the inspiration for her work as she shapes and places fabric onto the canvas first to build the scene from there. Her scenes are usually imbued with a sense of innocence and fun.

         Hydrangeas          Banksia In Flower           Shades Of Red    
  Feature Artist: Kate Floyd  
  Kate Floyd has studied with a number of recognised art teachers, exploring a variety of mediums. Kate uses strong colour to give her subject matter vibrancy and new meaning.

Growing up on a property in the South West instilled in Kate a love of nature, which is reflected in her floral compositions with vibrant colours and a focus on tonal qualities. Kate’s works are aesthetically appealing and reveal her strong passion for colour and the environment.

            Party Lights Lights and Leashes    
Feature Artist: Tamorin Lavers
  West Australian artist Tamorin Lavers draws inspiration from a childhood spent travelling the State with her professional fishing family. She would spend hours sketching and drawing and memories from this time are strongly represented in her current art.

Her work is imbued with the magical simplicity of childhood in all its vibrancy. She works in a variety of mediums including pastels, oil and pen. Her subject matters are also varied but often quirky or whimsical

     The Islands Seascape Pendant    Sterling Silver Ring    Pendant    
Feature Artist: Brendan Tibbs
Brendan has studied, exhibited and worked as a jeweller extensively throughout the world.

He endeavors to involve colour, movement, light, rhythm, dynamics and texture in every individual piece he creates. The oceans of Western Australia are a source of inspiration for Brendan and he finds enamels and pearls are the perfect medium to express the beauty of the sea and all its wonderful shades of blues and greens.

Brendan uses the technique of enamelling which is the art of melting powdered coloured glass onto metal to create a glass surface with colours that never fade.
       Garry Lethendale  Penny Hudson    
       Ileana Rozitis     Steve Harris       Max Ball    
New Work in the Gallery
   We have recently received some beautiful new work into the gallery.  
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