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  Issue 31, July 2013

Feature Artist: Steve Harris


Feature Artist: Ingrid Windram

Feature Artist: Lesley Redgate
New Works

Yallingup Galleries is open 10am - 5pm daily.

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Yallingup Galleries

Yallingup Galleries, located on scenic Caves Road, represents recognized Australian artists and displays a diverse range of Fine Arts and Furniture. The gallery is able to organise freighting quotes within WA, interstate and worldwide deliveries.

Specifically commissioned paintings and furniture from individual artists can be coordinated through Yallingup Galleries, personalizing your gallery experience. Please contact us for further details.

Currently we are working on our new Summer Exhibitions calendar. Exhibitions will feature selected works showcasing the recent works of Yallingup Galleries artists’. Our E-newsletter subscribers will receive further updates soon.


Golden Pears

Apples On Marble

Feature Artist: Steve Harris
Steve Harris is a master of understated realism, which in turn evokes its own sense of ‘atmosphere’ and contemplative mood.  His works have been described as ‘meditations in light’ - a type of reflective silence emanates from the paintings and imbues them with a spiritual quality that one would not perhaps anticipate. Harris has become well known for his impeccably painted still life compositions, his skilful use of light, shadow and space being a hallmark of his approach.

Along The Blackwood
Rising Moon

Feature Artist: Ingrid Windram

Ingrid Windram is a renowned artist who has travelled extensively through the Kimberly region and has resided for a period of time in Broome. Painting with acrylics, gouaches, charcoal and oils on arches paper and large canvases, Ingrid produces vibrant landscapes inspired by her surroundings but not replicas of a particular place. To maximize the impact of the landscape Ingrid often simplifies the information to focus on light and colour to generate a mood and evoke a connection to her work.
The High Shed - Just's Road
A Change Approaching
Blue River - Noarlunga

New Work: Lesley Redgate
Lesley Redgate began her career as an artist and art teacher in 1977. Lesley draws inspiration from the changing rural and urban landscape. She admires the work of the Australian Modernists. Her palette is bold, consisting mainly of primary and secondary colours which reflect a harmony found in the often harsh Australian environment. Preoccupied with describing structure and geometry within the landscape, Lesley seeks to capture the unusual from ordinary scenes.  

Jennifer Hopewell

Keiko Uno 

Stefano Calisti

 Irwin Rohl
 Scott McDougall
 Rita Winkler

New Work in the Gallery

We have recently received some beautiful new work into the gallery.

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