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  Issue 29, June 2013
Featured: Cate Edwards

Featured: BernardDoherty
Featured: Leanne Pearson
New Work: Regina Noakes
New Work in the Gallery


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 Four Bowls With Lovers Black Bird

Feature Artist: Cate Edwards


Cate Edwards uses vibrant colours and soft opaques in her new mixed medium works that successfully integrates watercolour, gouache and ink.

The new works interweave multiple compositions and areas of interest within each painting. Featuring familiar objects, soft florals and graceful figures the viewer is taken on an intimate journey through the painting. Cate’s paintings reflect a sense of connection with cherished family relationships, friendships and our place within our environment.

‘’To start with a blank page and turn it into a joyful piece of art which is valued by, or touches others, is one of the most satisfying pass times I know’’


Amethyst And Citrine Pendant
  Dragon Fly Brooch

Feature Artist: Bernard Doherty

Bernard Doherty is a classically-trained master jeweller who uses the rare technique of Plique-a-jour enamelling in his jewellery designs. This technique resembles miniature stained glass and is reminiscent of its Art Nouveau influences. The intricate metalwork require’s knowledge and skill in fashioning fine filigree forms, which are then complimented by breathtakingly coloured enamels and precious gemstones.

Shell Pickers
Orange Lillium
After The Swim

Feature Artist: Leanne Pearson

Leanne Pearson has a passion for design, colour and most importantly light, which has become the key elements to her exceptional artwork. Leanne loves rhythm and movement, and through her energetic brushstrokes she skillfully conveys this. Leanne's love of children and family is expressed in her current paintings by capturing the warmth, tenderness and vulnerability of these relationships.   

Falling Mango
Mary and The Angel
Gypsy Woman

New Work: Regina Noakes

Painting instinctively and drawing on personal experiences and observations, Regina Noakes is known for her colourful and figurative oil paintings.

Regina states ‘’My paintings can be categorized into observed and imaginative works. I try to convey a range of emotions and complex psychological states in my figurative compositions’’

Regina is a highly successful artist whose works are held in many public and corporate collections in Australia and internationally throughout the world.

   Keiko Uno - Spirit Of The Sea Cuff



David Mackay Harrison - Talia
    Kieko Uno - Spirit of the Sea          Robert Wynne Glass Fruit
Nellie Crawford -  Blue Striped

Nellie Crawford - Peaches And
White Bowl

  Nellie Crawford - Pears And
White Bowl


New Work in the Gallery

We have recently received some beautiful new work into the gallery.

Please click on the images above for more information on the artists and their work.