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  Issue 28, May 2013
Featured: Judy Prosser
Featured: Keiko Uno
Featured: Cate Edwards
Featured: Silvio Appony

New Work In The Gallery


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 Beach Day

Feature Artist: Judy Prosser

Judy Prosser is a highly recognised Australian artist who lives and paints in one of the outback's last frontiers, the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Judy has focused her imagery on the desert landscape, the indigenous people and their activities and the wildlife of the north of Western Australia and the Northern Territory. The colour, light and vitality of the country and the spiritual connection of the people with the land is por
trayed in the artists vibrant works.



Coral Garden Collection

Feature Artist: Keiko Uno

Keiko Uno's love of the ocean provides inspiration for her unique and intricate jewellery designs. With a double diploma in Gemology and an innate talent and passion to create her pieces, Keiko has established herself as a renowned jeweller.

Keiko's collection is about capturing and communicating the beauty that surrounds us in exquisite pieces of wearable art.

Coral Garden Collection


Four Bowls In Blue Red And Yellow

Four Bowls With Lovers Black Bird

Feature Artist: Cate Edwards

Cate Edwards uses vibrant colours and soft opaques, experimenting with watercolour, gouache and ink in her new mixed medium works.

Cate incorporates multiple compositions within each of her paintings that are inter-woven through the placement of familiar objects, soft florals and graceful figures. The viewer is taken on a journey through the painting, creating a sense of
connectedness that explores our relationship to one another and the place in which we live.

 Duck Preening
 Frog With Beetle
 Pelican Sitting

Feature Artist: Silvio Apponyi

Silvio Apponyi is one of Australia’s most celebrated sculptors and has been sculpting over 40 years. His style has developed over these years from entirely abstract creations to an astonishing level of detail and realism. His main inspiration is Australian fauna, whereby he draws attention to unique and often endangered species. Silvio creates his sculptures in a variety of mediums, primarily wood, Australian granites and marbles and bronze. His sculptures range from delicate Japanese inspired ‘Netsuke’ style pieces to massive public granite works.

Frilled Neck Lizard Paper Knife

Keith Rowe -All About Blue

Julie Silvester - Tranquil Water,

Marcia Hadlow - When Yellow
Meets Mauve


Stefano Calisti - Dreaming In
De Marchi
Stuart Penny - 9k Gold Cabochen
Sapphire Ring

Lisa Cox - Goin Surfin'


New Work in the Gallery

We have recently received some beautiful new work into the gallery.

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