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  Issue 26, March 2013
Featured: Ian Mutch
Featured: Zygmunt Libucha
Featured: Nick Economo
Featured: Cate  Edwards
New Work in the Gallery


Larry Mitchell
Douglas Kirsop
Nellie Crawford

30/3/13 - 10/4/13

Set Detail

Feature Artist: Ian Mutch

Ian Mutch is a designer, artist and illustrator whose unique works are created from a mix of acrylic, spraypaint and drawing ink.

Ian's work holds beauty on two levels. It can be enjoyed from a distance, while entertaining the viewer close up. Brushstrokes and layered tones are detailed with small ink illustrations that portray a combination of dreamy characters, animals, objects, humour, shapes and patterns.




To Cut Or Not To Cut

Feature Artist: Zygmunt Libucha 
Zygmunt Libucha is recognised as one of Australia's leading sculptors. Specialising in carving marble and bronze in a variety of sizes, from a wide spectrum of stunning colours, Zygmunt works on each piece of stone as long as possible to create limited edition hand polished bronze sculptures that are compelling to touch. Harmony and beauty of design are the overriding factors in his sculptures whether they be figurative or abstract.

Zygmunt focuses on a range of subjects and the words voluptuous and curvaceous have often been applied to Zygmunt's signature sculptures, but it is the combination of sensuousness  and humour that make his new works such a delight.

The beautiful ''Snooze'' sculpture stands on its complimentary marble plinth - an investment art piece that would become a stunning focal point within any interior

Tulips on Blue
Poppies On Silver
Mixed Flowers

Feature Artist: Nick Economo

Nick Economo is one of Western Australia's most popular artists. His paintings celebrate an extravagance of colour and texture. Nick embraces an impressionistic style in his paintings using a palate of strong, bold colours to produce depth and texture by thickly applying the paint to the board, canvas or paper.

Nick is renowned for his lavish floral paintings and Yallingup Galleries is pleased to showcase new work. These vibrant, uplifting paintings demonstrate Nick's trademark rich layers and tactile high gloss finish.  

 Angel  Woman Blue Rug

Feature Artist: Cate Edwards
Cate Edwards uses vibrant colours and soft opaques experimenting with watercolour, gouache and ink in her new mixed medium works.

Cate incorporates multiple compositions within each of her paintings, that are inter-weaved through the placement of familiar objects, soft florals and graceful figures. The viewer is taken on a journey through the painting, creating a sense of
connectedness that explores our relationship to one another and the place in which we live.


Douglas Kirsop - Bush After Burn

Nellie Crawford - Basket Lemon
And Jugs

Kieko Uno - Coral Garden

Liz McKay - A First Hug


Rebecca Cool - Mother And

Barbie Lock Lee - Chilli Bowl
Christopher Spaven - Solitare


New Work in the Gallery

We have recently received some beautiful new work into the gallery.

Please click on the images above for more information on the artists and their work.