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  Issue 25, December 2012
Feature Artist: Luis
Feature Artist: Anna
New Artist: Chubby
Feature Artist: Paul
New Work in the Gallery

Rob Malcolm
Peter Saxon
Alex Wisniewski
Daniel Hutchings
Greg Sherwood

27/12/12 - 3/1/13


Feature Artist: Luis Fuentes

Luis Fuentes was born in Peru to a family of artists. After completing high school, Luis entered university to pursue a degree in architecture and fine arts, but came to realize painting was his true vocation so he dedicated his efforts to complete his fine art training.

In 1990, while he was still a student, he won first prize in the Peruvian National Watercolor Competition. This prestigious event earned Luis both recognition and the opportunity to show his work in galleries in his country. Today, Luis shows his work worldwide.

One of the most important elements of Luis’ artwork is the contrast between light and shadow. Each painting features rich shadows and bright highlights, to give his work a glowing illusion of reality.

Glass Jug Vineyards Tulips

Feature Artist: Anna DeJager

Anna DeJager was born in Holland and started drawing at an early age. Anna worked for twenty years as a ticket writer and commercial artist before committing fully to her painting in the last ten years. Anna creates unique works in a colourful style, depicting vibrant interior and exterior scenes, that capture attention and evoke feelings of happiness and joy.



As Good As It Gets
Ocean Speaks Louder Than Words


Feature Artist: Chubby Button

Chubby is a self-taught Western Australian artist who possesses a wealth of experience in ‘industry’ art after working for twenty years as appointed artist with Santosha/Rusty surfboards in Dunsborough, WA. Over the past few years, free from industry constraints Chubby has been experimenting with the knowledge of colour developed during that time. Chubby uses various rendering techniques taking advantage of a particularly solid technical base and finding most success in abstract impressionism.

Australian Superb Blue Wrens
Boobook Owlets
Rainbow Lorikeets

Feature Artist: Paul Margocsy

Paul Margocsy is an Australian artist, known primarily for his paintings of Australian birds. Though he has never received any formal art training, through self-taught efforts, Paul is now recognised as one of Australia’s finest wildlife artists.

As an internationally renowned artist, Paul has received many honors, including a fellow membership to the ''The Wildlife Art Society Of Australasia’’ for services to the society and wildlife art. Paul was also commissioned by Australia Post to paint a water bird series of stamps and was subsequently commissioned by the United Nations to paint a series of endangered species, which were released in Vienna. Paul also holds the honor of becoming the first Australian wildlife artist to have a solo exhibition in Hong Kong.

Renee McDonald
Pinch Bowls
Meagan Gardiner
Framed Shells
Rika Rouw
Ceramic Figurines

Jenni Doherty
Study Of A Flower
Max Ball
Blue Topaz Earrings
Tamorin Lavers


New Work in the Gallery

We have recently received some beautiful new work into the gallery.

Please click on the images above for more information on the artists and their work.