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  Issue 23, October 2012
  Feature Artist: John Lacey
  Feature Artist: Len McKenna
  Feature Artist: Paul Evans
   Feature Artist: Gary Leathendale
   New Work in the Gallery


Grand Masters of Photography

To be opened by Stefano Carboni
Director West Australian Art Gallery

Saturday 3rd November 2012 6.30pm

 Vineyard Pruners

Feature Artist: John Lacey

John Lacey is a self-taught artist who has, after a successful career spanning more than twenty years, gained a highly respected reputation as one of Australia’s most acclaimed artists. John utilises a wide range of styles in his paintings, from impressionistic landscapes to contemporary interpretations of the Australian environment. John enjoys painting outdoors, using acrylics, watercolour and oils and his ‘plein-air studies’ elegantly capture the environment around him.


Blue Giraffe and Doves South Coast 1 Black Giraffe and Doves  

Feature Artist: Len McKenna

Len is a Western Australian artist who, from an early age, experienced some of the most remote wilderness areas of the Western Australia. These memories have directly contributed to his love of landscape and nature and his desire to express this through his artwork. Len’s inspiration comes from the dry cracked orange land of the North and from the rugged coastlines of the South. Much of his work incorporates three-dimensional clay sculptures that capture rock form and ocean. Len’s clay figures are comical representations whose gestures and facial expressions capture the imagination of the viewer.



 Afternoon Light Karijini  


Feature Artist: Paul Evans

Drawing on nature for inspiration, Paul Evan’s works with a variety of mediums to skillfully portray his subject matter. Paul applies the practice of layering by careful observation of colour, tone and form. ‘’Painting for me is trying to capture a moment, that moment when the shadows engulf a cliff face, waves hit the beach or when a flock of galahs flash through a landscape and are gone. These are unimportant things in relation to our busy city lives but they are nonetheless good for the soul, that is why I paint’’.


Little Salmon Bay Rottnest



Feature Artist: Gary Leathendale

Gary Leanthendale is a celebrated Western Australian artist who works in a variety of mixed mediums including pastels, oils and charcoal. Gary’s contemporary paintings are landscapes. ‘’I am a staunch believer in plien-air painting and so can often be seen painting in serene coastal, river and wetland scenes to a strapped down easel in the full force of the storm, believing in the empirical nature of art. I am a natural eclectic at heart, which allows me not to be constrained by style and to draw from an infinite array of ideas.’’ 


Nellie Crawford
Rita Winkler
  Kim Maple
Limelight Pool (detail)


Judy Prosser
Outback Sprite With Brolgas
Beverley McMahon
Nellie Crawford

  New Work in the Gallery

We have recently received some beautiful new work into the gallery.

Please click on the images above for more information on the artists and their work.