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  Issue 22, September 2012
Feature Artist: Douglas Kirsop
Feature Artist: Julie Silvester
Feature Artist: Silvio Apponyi
New Work: Ken Rasmussen 
New Work in the Gallery

Grand Masters of Photography

To be opened by Stefano Carboni Director West Australian Art Gallery

Saturday 3rd November 2012 6.30pm

Feature Artist: Douglas Kirsop
Douglas Kirsop is a highly respected artist whose vibrant images reflect an appreciation for the expansive Australian landscape. Douglas has the unique ability to interpret the distinctive character, light and atmosphere of the landscape he captures in his paintings. The natural environment forms the basis of his subject matter whether figuratively or exploring its abstract properties. ''My art is expressed through the language of painting my reaction to a visual experience. It may be a landscape, the play of light over a subject, the movement of water, the colour of the rock, but I am compelled and inspired to put it down on paper or canvas and develop it further in the studio’’


Feature Artist: Julie Silvester
Julie Silvester is passionate about the West Australian coastline, with its clear waters, clean sands, colour, textures and light, all of which has given her an endless supply of inspiration to paint from. Julie captures the essence of the coastal seascape, working with pastel, a medium that allows her to work spontaneously.
Julie works to document the ever changing, fragile environment with the aim of sharing her appreciation ''I want to share with the viewer the awesome beauty of our pristine coastline and see and sense the familiar and remote areas that we love to visit.''


Silvio Apponyi is an Australian artist who has been sculpting for around 40 years and is internationally acclaimed for his splendidly tactile sculptures. His style has developed over these years, from entirely abstract creations to an astonishing level of detail and realism, visible in small bronze sculptures. Silvio’s main inspiration is Australian fauna, and he hopes to draw attention to these unique and often endangered species.



New Work: Ken Rasmussen 

Ken Rasmussen’s works are strongly influenced by his time travelling and observing in detail the Australian landscape. Ken has gained a reputation for his drawing, watercolour and oil painting skills that place him as one of the most respected realist-impressionist painters working today. Ken’s paintings are rich in colour and capture the essence of the natural environment. Ken’s most recent work includes a series of vibrant, beach inspired, contemporary works using acrylics on canvas.


Stefano Calisti
Amalfi Coast 

Brendan Tibbs
Sterling Silver and Pearl Ring
Stefano Calisti
Le Marchi 

Judy Prosser
Beach Dance

Peter Moorfoot
Glass Blue Wrens

Hiromi Ashlin
Large Artwork

New Work in the Gallery

We have recently received some beautiful new work into the gallery.

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