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Issue 20, August 2012

Feature Artist:
        Nellie Crawford


Feature Artist: Rare Tree Timber Design 


New Work: Rebecca Cool


New Artist: Jules Hunt


New Work in the Gallery


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Feature Artist: Nellie Crawford

Nellie Crawford’s work is a blend of artistic precision and sensitivity to mood, colour and atmosphere. While Nellie follows in the long and respected tradition of the still-life genre, her paintings are fresh and distinctive that evoke a sense of tranquility and balance.

Feature Artist: Rare Tree Timber Design 

Steve Clapp’s style is a fusion of contemporary design and traditional woodworking techniques. His skills as a furniture maker enables virtually unlimited design freedom.  Steve’s furniture pieces are of world class quality, and will be passed on as family heirlooms for many years to come.  

Steve’s exceptional craftsmanship is demonstrated in the outstanding Marri & Blackbutt Burl table. This table features a marri top cut from a single slab over 1.2 metres wide and is believed to be over 200 years old which contributes to this being a unique and exceptional piece of furniture.

The king size bed is crafted using a combination of very rare karri and marri woods and is highlighted with ebony inlay. 

New Work: Rebecca Cool 

Rebecca Cool combines primitive and modernist styles, rendered in bold oil pastels and embellished with recycled fabrics of ethnic and 1950’s designs to produce poetic work that is both simple in pretext yet emotionally powerful.

This gloriously coloured and strongly individual work, using mixed media on canvas and inspired by colour and shape, creates a fun and playful atmosphere to Rebecca's work. Striking lines and colours, used with such imagination, have ensured Rebecca's success as a strong West Australian artist.


New Artist: Jules Hunt  

Jules Hunt uses earthenware clay to freehand carve and create beautiful intricate and contemporary lantern sculptures.

Individual lanterns come with a tray for the tea light that fits neatly underneath the piece and when alight create a lovely soft warm glow.

Stephanie Tetu
Max Ball 
Love Sphere
Irene King
Nude 3

Barbi Lock Lee
Parrot Chilli Bowl 
Nat Day
Fantail Jewellery Box
Helen Taylor

New Work in the Gallery

We have recently received some beautiful new work into the gallery.

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