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Issue 16, May 2012
Feature Artist: Brendan Darby
Feature Artist: Jenni Doherty 
Feature Artist: Christopher Spaven
New Work: Robert Malcolm
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Brendan Darby

Brendan Darby is known for encapsulating the spirit of Australia in his pieces and through his new body of works.

The works reveal the artists eye for detail, not only for the subject but for the painting itself. Viewing the works from across the room we recognise an iconic Australian coastline or swimming hole by its accurate description, then, as we approach, we see the intricate brush strokes evolve into a masterful painting.

This is a form of realism that communicates the artist's respect for both the subject and the act of painting. ?Darby’s works present images of the spectacular Kimberley, looking across to the ‘edge’ of the coastline detailed in vivid colours of oil on canvas.

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Feature Artist: Jenni Doherty

Jenni Doherty is a renowned artist working in the South West of Western Australia. Doherty’s unique works are created through a layering of images and mediums from different time frames and contexts that explore the landscape of collective culture.
Doherty’s trademark mixed media style specialises in convoluted patterns built up with lino block prints, acrylic, gold and silver leaf, oils, paper and textiles. The works are multifaceted and captivatingly beautiful pieces.   

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Feature Artist: Christopher Spaven  

Christopher Spaven’s life studies centre around the female form set against delicate background nuances. Spaven uses charcoal and water colour to create elegantly executed and graceful studies.

At all times Spaven works directly from a life model, avoiding a set 'nude' pose. The aim is to draw or paint quickly, capturing a moment. With meticulous observation he creates sweeping, simple, fluid lines, flowing with rhythm and harmony and enjoys using different media, sometimes applied in combination on a mixed gesso background.

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New Work: Robert Malcolm  

Robert Malcolm is an artist who has specialised in working with wood as a contemporary artistic medium for over twenty years. Malcolm uses the varied richness and beauty of our native timbers, working with the complexity in the grain, to create traditional and modern furniture pieces.

Malcolm’s side-tables are stunning new solid woodwork pieces that cleverly combine timber and his individually hand painted panels to create a truly original and functional piece of art. 

New Work in the Gallery

Keiko Uno
Bruce Malloch
Kayo Yokoyama

Silver Spectrolite Pendant
Holiday Time
All About Blue Vase

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