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Issue 15, 13 April 2012
Feature Article: Easter Exhibition
Feature Artist: Douglas Kirsop
Feature Artist: Larry Mitchell
Feature Artist:Neil Taylor
Feature Artist:  Scott McDougal
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• Easter
Larry Mitchell, Douglas Kirsop, Neil Taylor, Scott McDougall
April 7 - 17, 2012 


Easter Exhibition 2012
Works also available for purchase online

Yallingup Galleries Garden Art Studio is excited to announce the official opening of the Easter Exhibition  Douglas on Saturday 7 – 17 April 2012.  Douglas Kirsop, Larry Mitchell, Neil Taylor and Scott McDougill will showcase works that invite you to go beyond the ordinary featuring paintings captured from memory, nature, culture and life experience.

Open Daily 10 – 5pm
Yallingup Galleries Garden Art Studio
31 Marrinup Drive Yallingup Western Australia 

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Feature Artist: Douglas Kirsop

New paintings by Douglas Kirsop focus on his recent travels to the Pilbara and Kimberley regions of Western Australia. On meeting Kirsop the thing that strikes you is his great recall for the locations he visits .
Vibrant images of North West wet lands to weathered Pilbara flood plains show the colour and light captured by his special talent of observation and painting skills. Some of his more minimalist work strips away the detail to let the viewer interpret the colours and form.

Douglas is now painting full time, living in South West near Yallingup. He travels regularly, and paints in Italy, France, the North West, the South West.

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Feature Artist: Larry Mitchell  

Looking at Larry Mitchells paintings one feels mesmerised by the  depth and detail of his images. These are not static water images, but a translucent world of dancing surfaces and reflections. Mitchell is an artist very connected to the land who is able to soak up the landscape and interpret with deft marks, dragged paint ,stained colour, a language of his own. Mitchell paints from top to  bottom, which he describes in geological terms ,’like going down in strata’. ‘I started life as a water colour painter, and it shows. Some of the lights are created on top and some are from the underpainting showing through.’ Mitchell incorporates a lot of accidental intuitive mark making, seeing the world in a flickering way, rather than a structural way.’ I’m a tactile realist’ he is fond of saying. Mitchell has new works from his travels to New Guinea, West Papua and the Kimberley.  

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Feature Artist: Neil Taylor  

Neil was born in Brisbane and studied as an art teacher in Queensland. He has been exhibiting in Australia since 1975, and his work is held in numerous private and corporate collections in Australia and overseas.
With superb technical skill, Neil paints in a super-realist style. Inspired by the beaches of Australia and America, Neil creates intimate, idealised views of sandy beaches, waterfalls, rock pools and ocean waves. Neil now lives west of Sydney and travels extensively both in Australia and overseas researching new subjects; he is particularly well known for his treatment of ocean and littoral themes.

Neil is a recipient of the Mortimore Art Prize (2009). He is also a 10 times finalist in the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman prizes exhibited at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

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Feature Artist: Scott McDougall

Scott McDougall was born in Queensland and now resides in New South Wales. His paintings reflect his passion for colour, texture and formal composition, and the excitement of travelling to new countries. He is interested in the dislocation of European architecture to foreign lands and the dramatic contrasts between the buildings, both grand and humble, and the people that inhabit them. In his words, the crumbling render, deteriorating architectural details and peeling paint is like a buildings' scar tissue - every blemish is a part of it's history, revealing obscure and often tantalizing insights into its country's inhabitants and society.

New Work in the Gallery

Silvio Apponyi
Four Owls
Kerryn Malloch
Turquoise Necklace
Brendon Darby
Raft Point

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