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Issue 14, 22 March 2012
Feature Article: Easter Exhibition
Feature Artist: Leanne Pearson
Feature Artist: Cate Edwards
New Artist: Len McKenna
Feature Artist: Bernard Doherty
New Work in the Gallery

Works also available
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• Easter
Larry Mitchell, Douglas Kirsop, Neil Taylor, Scott McDougall
April 7 - 18, 2012 


Easter Exhibition 2012
Works also available for purchase online

We are pleased to announce the Yallingup Galleries Easter Exhibition 2012 will commence on April 7th 2012 and will run for an extended 10 day period. This exclusive collection of new works featuring Larry Mitchell, Douglas Kirsop, Scott McDougall and Neil Taylor promises to be an exciting exhibition.

Open Daily 10 – 5pm
Yallingup Galleries Garden Art Studio
31 Marrinup Drive Yallingup Western Australia


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Feature Artist: Leanne Pearson  

Leanne, a local Western Australian artist, lived most of her early life in South Africa being exposed to the vibrant, colourful culture, vast landscape and natural beauty of authentic Africa, Central America and Canada.
Following her move to Western Australia over ten years ago, Leanne has successfully established herself as the foremost Portraiture Artist in Perth with many private commissions, whilst still creating her own original works.
Leanne has a passion for design, colour and most importantly light, which has become the key elements to her exceptional artwork. She loves rhythm and movement, and through her energetic brushstrokes she skilfully conveys this. Leanne's love of children and family is expressed in her current paintings by capturing the warmth, tenderness and vulnerability of these relationships.


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Feature Artist: Cate Edwards  

Cate was born in Sydney in 1959, however she spent her teenage years living on 15 acres of Eagle Bay beachfront in the South West of Western Australia. She later returned to Sydney where she completed her tertiary qualifications and taught art at Sydney high schools for five years. After a successful exhibition in 1997 at the Australian Craft Show in Sydney, Cate gave up teaching to concentrate on her own work.

Late in 2007 Cate moved back to Western Australia where she has concentrated on painting and drawing full time.

Cate's recent work explores the liveliness that comes from placing transparency and opacity near one another. There are some experiments with building up layers and with using different surfaces. Vibrant colours inter-weaved with intricate patterns have resulted in beautiful, unique works. 

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New Artist: Len Mckenna  

A Western Australian artist, from an early age Len experienced some of the most remote wilderness areas of the West and these memories have directly contributed to his love of landscape, nature and his need to express these feelings though his artwork; much of his work incorporates symbols such as boats, fish and beach houses.

Len is always looking for new ideas, new materials and new ways of using these materials. As well as glazes, the sculptural work is coloured with stains, inks and often finished with bees wax.

Lens' work is totally unique, unassumingly expressive yet significant in meaning; Len tells a ‘’story’’ that is both personal and familiar.

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Featured Artist: Bernard Doherty

Bernard Doherty is a classically trained jeweller-enameller based in Victoria, where he concentrates on developing and designing jewellery that reflects the style he has acquired and refined through his travels, his study and his experience with fellow artists.

Bernard has recently been presented with the Award for Excellence at the 25th International Cloisonné Jewelry Contest in Japan during January 2012; His works are best described as ‘Art Nouveau Revival’ being influenced by themes from nature. They feature plique a' jour enamelling, all are original art works and are mostly made in 18ct yellow gold.

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Todd Moore
'Circle' Series Oval Pendant
Robert Wynne
Bud Vase
Robert Wynne
Apple and Pear