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Issue 09, 17 November 2011
Andrew Carter Exhibition
Feature Artist: Ken Rasmussen
New Artist: Nona Burden
New Artist: Susan Weaver
New Work in the Gallery


7 January – 17 January 2012


31 Marrinup Drive
Yallingup Western Australia
Open 10-5   T: 08 9755 2372


Andrew Carter Exhibition
A solo exhibition by Andrew Carter will open at the Yallingup Galleries Garden Art Studio on the 7th January 2012. Andrew’s new work is rich with the stories that have shaped the South West and his large-scale canvases capture the movement and layers of this history in a poetic way.

“When I go out into the landscape I don’t want to capture what is in front of me. I just want to be a part of it. I want to walk through it, engage with it and feel myself as part of it. I sketch from nature, but what I paint is a confluence of ideas, feelings, thoughts, history and many other things that go towards my experience at being there. I am painting images of the landscape as I see and understand it from my point of view” says Andrew.

Feature Artist: Ken Rasmussen

Ken Rasmussen has lived and travelled widely throughout Western Australia and spent time observing the landscapes in detail. He has steadily gained a reputation that places him in the forefront of realist-impressionist painters. Those familiar with his work will notice that we are seeing a departure from his usual style with current pieces showcasing a more relaxed brush stroke with less detail.  

New Artist: Nona Burden

Nona Burden captures beautiful still life’s that attempt to address (through elements of the known and unknown), clarity and vagueness, light and dark and spatial ambiguities.   “My paintings are for contemplation.  A very simple everyday object can perhaps reveal something new, while itself being revealed…it is hoped that the viewer’s eyes will move not only around the surface of the work, but will also move in and out of the imaginary space behind the picture plane” says Nona.



New Artist: Susan Weaver 

Susan Weaver who paints with either oil on canvas or oil pastel on paper, incorporates the luminosity technique with fascinating and appealing results. Her paintings are multi-layered abstract landscapes, concerned with the inter-connections between living things, the planet and the exploitation of the landscape.

 “The images are built upon memories of places visited and the symbols used in my paintings have specific meaning to me and are used to represent things like the patterns of nature, spiritual imagery and change” says Susan.

Douglas Kirsop
Scarp & Shadow - Kimberley
Jennifer Hopewell
Native Pines
Tamorin Lavers
Light Load

Ian Dickinson
Six Babblers
Irene King
Summer Breeze
Tania Lovering
Rose Blossoms

New Work in the Gallery

We have recently received some beautiful new work into the gallery.
Please click on the images above for more information on the artists and their work.