Adrian was born in the Netherlands in 1958. After some career deviations, he worked as a civil engineer until he and his family immigrated to Australia in 1994. Adrian always possessed an interest in wood, and as a young child he had acquired an array of hand tools to make timber shelving whilst in primary school. Adrian immersed himself in literature to improve his skills and began crafting his first pieces of furniture at the age of seventeen. Moving to the South West and discovering the beautiful woods of Marri, Jarrah, Blackbutt and Sheoak, made his final career choice easy and he became a full time furniture designer.

Whilst Adrian is largely self-taught, he works to continually acquire new techniques to create outstanding pieces of furniture. The influence of his European culture and engineering background are reflected in the precision of construction and perfection of the finish of his furniture. The wood itself will often determine the outcome of the finished piece providing creative inspiration to this fine furniture craftsman. Inspiration comes from many elements that surround him ranging from classic pieces to everyday objects, thus leading to the use of gentle curves and resulting in contemporary yet timeless designs. <