This exhibition contains 18 still life oil paintings of things that have caught my eye in recent months; splashes of red from the garden, flowers from friends and neighbours, and objects that have been sitting around where I arrange my compositions, just waiting for me grab them to see if they will work in a painting. Once again, my paintings are concerned with looking for the quiet moments in my day, providing moments of calm and a little bit of breathing space.

Samantha Dennison is a painter living in Albany on the south coast of Western Australia. Originally from Perth, she studied Art Education at Edith Cowan University and graduated as a high school art teacher. In 2003, she held her first solo exhibition of landscape paintings. Since her move to Albany in 2012, Samantha has concentrated on still life painting.

Samantha was a finalist in the 2020 Joondalup Invitation Art Prize, 2018 Eutick Memorial Still Life Award and 2016 Albany Art Prize. She won the Popular Choice Award in the 2019 Great Southern Art Award, the Painting Prize and Popular Choice Award in the 2015 Great Southern Art Award, and the Popular Choice Award in the 2014 Great Southern Art Award. Her still life painting, Flora, was acquired by the Royal Perth Hospital Collection in 2019. 

Samantha’s still life oil paintings reflect her search for space and stillness. The arrangements of flowers and objects in her work are collected from her daily surroundings: some from her garden, others gifted or collected from sanctioned raids on the gardens of friends, or from within her eclectic assortment of op shop objects and contemporary handmade ceramics. Samantha’s focus on still life began when her children were young and she was surrounded by the domestic. She found taking moments of quiet contemplation to arrange and paint her subjects helped her move through the noise of family life. Her paintings offer endless moments of quiet and calm.

Recently, Samantha has been rediscovering her love of landscape painting inspired by the local environment in which she lives and the camping trips she takes with her family.