Howard commenced his career as an Arts Educator in 1968 and after 50 years working within Secondary and Tertiary Education Sectors is now retired. He completed an Associateship of Art Teaching at WAIT (Curtin University) in 1973, a Bachelor of Education in Art from Secondary Teacher’s College in 1980, a Masters of Education Degree at Murdoch University in 1986 and a Doctor of Philosophy in Design Practice at Edith Cowan University in 2006.

Howard has held positions as a teacher/lecturer and Head of Department at Secondary High Schools, Perth Technical College (Central TAFE) and the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts – Edith Cowan University. He arranged for the amalgamation of the TAFE Theatre and Film Design Technologies Programme with the Acting and Musical Theatre Programmes conducted at WAAPA, Edith Cowan University, in 1987. His transfer to WAAPA saw his appointed as the inaugural Head of the newly formed Production and Design Department and later Head of Academic Studies of the School of Drama Arts.

Throughout his teaching years Howard endeavoured to maintain a professional practice in visual arts, theatre design and performance via collaborative and individual formats. His retirement has allowed a return to his early sculpture background, in particular the use of his favourite medium, ceramic.

His work exhibits various aspects of realism, stylization and abstraction but at all times reflects the key use of form, be it through drawing, studies of the human figure or design application. Observation and reflection provide the key elements in his artistic endeavour be they found in sketches from life, abstract clay forms or the depiction of the human figure.

The use of colour and relevant design principles are key aspects in his work which generate a spirit of celebration and joy of life. The work of famous artists and theatre designers such as Bakst and Klimt have provided a major source of inspiration in the application of design elements and effective use of colour.