As an intrepid traveller Sally McGregor discovered traditional textiles in her early years and was inspired by the different designs, weaving methods and fabrics used in the countries through which she travelled. “Traditionally made fabrics convey tales of a countries culture” states Sally. “I have amazing pieces from Uzbekistan, Egypt, Rajasthan, Tunisia, Japan, Vietnam, Mexico and Guatemala. I see textiles as art, and display them through my house”.

Sally states that “Her design philosophy takes its cue from traditional Mexican and Guatemalan influences which are exciting and bold. Using handmade furniture and soft furnishings as a platform for storytelling, I allow the textiles to speak for themselves. I wanted to design an inanimate object and give it personality and life through these vibrant fabrics. The outcome is timeless art pieces that are inspiring, confident and life giving to any space”.

The fabrics’ Sally works with are sourced in the mountains of Guatemala. They are woven in a place named Panjachel by traditional weaving families and then a four-hour drive transports them to Zacualpa village where they are embroidered. Buying these textiles supports villagers and enables them to sustain their traditional weaving culture.

Initially the fabric is woven using a treadle loom, which is a foot loom. An embroiderer then pencils his/her design onto the fabric and sews it onto the weave. No two pieces are the same and the process can take up to three weeks for one piece to complete. Finished, they are a work of art.

These beautiful fabrics combine with chenille velvet, pompoms and tassels to produce the custom design Ottomans that are then locally made in Australia.