Kayo migrated to Australia from Japan in 1997 to pursue a dream to study art. She graduated from Sydney University (SCA) with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) in 2001, before attaining a Master of Fine Arts in 2011.

A love of objects and working with the transparent medium of glass enabled Kayo to express her concept of home. She says, “The landscape in an object is a metaphor, where the chair represents where I belong; homeland is a place I search for. Whilst I am sitting among trees, I am in my homeland.” Her work is representative of a belonging in a physical sense, connected to a lived place, and is characterised in clear glass vessels cold-etched with trees, often with a small chair placed inside.

Her new series, Sanctuary, is an evolution of this idea, in which the search for a home has been extended to a home not physical, but internal and unaffected by location. Her distinctive etched trees are still the main decorative element, linking the two series both visually and conceptually.  All of the Sanctuary works feature streaks of colour that swirl around the form, on the horizon line of which Kayo has etched her forests of trees, so that the somewhat serendipitous colourings become evocative of a landscape.

Kayo states “We cannot think about something that has no name in the world of matter” so she has taken an abstract concept- Sanctuary- and given it a physical corporeality that allows us to understand and explore it.

Kayo makes us see glass, gifting it to us in a way that allows us to see its beauty and her message. Sanctuary is an exciting development from an artist with an already recognisable aesthetic, yet who is pushing the boundaries of her expression and medium.