Born in New Zealand in 1969 Sara began drawing as soon as she was able to hold a pen. Encouraged by her parents, many hours were spent with her two sisters drawing on large sheets of butcher’s paper. From an early age Sara was captivated by the environment and the Western Australian flora and fauna have become the inspiration for her paintings.

After leaving school (with a Subject Exhibition for Art - top student for WA), she continued to draw and paint. Inspired by the wildlife surrounding her hills home, Sara has developed her unique style and has become renowned for her small miniature collectable watercolours.

Sara has learned a variety of artistic skills including lead lighting and traditional glass painting which she has developed along with her watercolour painting. Her focus however, is the beautiful Australian birds, particularly the varieties of native wren and the brightly coloured parrots. She is also fascinated with reptiles, particularly frogs and small uncommon marsupials.
With fine brush strokes her framed miniature paintings are delicate portrayals of her subjects with combinations of flora and fauna.