A self - taught artist, Rika has been working in ceramic sculpture for over thirty years.  She believes necessity is the mother of invention and has learned, changed or adapted as life and circumstances dictated.  In the 1970’s and 1980’s she created hand crafted ceramic products reflecting the optimism and “Australiana” fervor of the times.  During this time Rika applied processes using high temperature clays and fired with wood and gas.

However, following a trip to Europe and the US in the 1990’s she discovered contemporary glazing techniques resulting in bright colours and painterly effects and switched to earthenware and slip cast ware of her own design, fired in an electric kiln.  At this time Rika became more interested in self - expression; her themes primarily concerned with exploring the role of women and mothers. 

Rika became renowned for her “Lounge Ladies” and “Ladies Heads” which reflected a desire to move away from the ‘Supermum’ character of the times and portray women enjoying leisure and their own company. It gave her the opportunity to indulge in fantasy and glaze paint decorative features and patterns. 

Rika is interested in the sense of place and how people identify their life experiences with a particular community, time or locality. As a recent extension to this Rika has created a series of “Surf Shacks” and “Early Settlers Cottages” in clay.  These character works capture the stories of the pioneer settlers in the 1900’s and the new settlers in the 1970’s with the movement of surfers to the isolated areas. Rika has incorporated elements to each sculpture that are reminiscent of the time and place it is dedicated to.