Robert commenced his artistic career studying ceramics. Whilst studying for his final year he was exposed to the dynamic process of glass blowing and was immediately captivated. Apart from the visual appeal he relished the choreography in glass blowing, and particularly, the immediacy and risk that the material demanded.

Robert went on to complete a Masters Degree in Glass at the California State University and gained invaluable experience exhibiting, visiting private glass studios and learning from the burgeoning studio glass movement in the USA.

Robert produces a range of hand-blown glass including smaller works and large, one-off sculptural pieces. Robert is one of the pioneers of the studio glass movement in Australia and continues to push the boundaries creating unique and arresting glass pieces. His work is distinctive, diverse and exciting. He combines expert glass blowing skills with a strong design aesthetic.

“My work is characterised by strong, bold lines and shapes. I love classical proportions and purity of form, which continues to lead me on a relentless pursuit of perfection. There is a strong sculptural element in a lot of my work and I often layer the work with surface decoration, using methods that I have developed over the years. 

Hand-blown glass is incredibly special. Each piece is unique, the result of an extraordinarily choreographed dance between the artist and the molten glass at the other end of the blowpipe. It is a wonderful, mysterious process coloured by drama, danger and dreams. The creation of each piece is extremely demanding and very physical, requiring a high level of technical expertise and a ‘feel’ for the material that only comes from years of experience.”