Cedric was born in 1930 in Rangoon, Burma and migrated to Australia in 1947. After completing the Australian Journalists Association Cadetship, Cedric spent twenty one years as illustrator, political cartoonist, art director and art critic with the Western Australian newspaper industry. Cedric won the national Walkley Award in 1968 for Australian Cartoon of the Year.

He has also lectured for 25 years in Art and Design with a focus on Graphics, Fine Art, Drawing and Painting.

Cedric is a self-taught painter.  He paints mainly in acrylics with collage and has painted landscapes, but his primary themes are figures, myths and legends, dancers, acrobats, biblical and literary themes. The artists’ style has been described as ‘sensual, lyrical, romantic’ with strong graphic and linear emphasis. Most appreciated in Cedrics’ work is his excellent skill in drawing the figure. The men and women who populate his environments are defined with solid yet fluid contours that give them a strong, uncomplicated presence. All that is needed to identify the soul is put down.