Born in the wheatbelt town of Cunderdin, Jennifer Hopewell has become an accomplished and renowned Western Australian landscape colourist. Working with mixed mediums using acrylic on canvas and mixed media on paper, the artist employs Chinese brush techniques and calligraphy to translate the landscape onto the canvas.

Jennifer's works reflect her passion for, and familiarity of the landscape that provides her with endless compositions. Her colourist gouaches and calligraphic brush work have grown from her own interpretation of and response to nature. With a sustained application of acquired skills and being true to her own sense of individuality, Jennifer is conscious of retaining her originality and not being influenced by current artistic style trends.

Jennifer’s inspiration to capture the Australian landscape on canvas and paper is realised in her joy to share it with others. She states that “Painting for her is not an intellectual exercise, it is something of the heart”.  Her endeavour is to communicate with her paintings and encourage people’s consciousness of nature through a visual language of interpretation. 


Summer          2015            Yallingup Galleries Garden Art Studio 
Christmas        2016            Yallingup Galleries Garden Art Studio
Christmas       2018            Yallingup Galleries Garden Art Studio