Ken Gailer states that his work of the last few years could be labelled “Nostalgic Pop”.   To varying degrees he uses representational imagery culled from the mid 1900’s within each work. In a freely intuitive manner he combines these images with abstract and patterned passages, using strong saturated colour. 

Nothing is pre-determined apart from the first layer of colour and silkscreened images. This method of montage creates conflict where new ideas and narratives emerge from the juxtapositions. One of the artists’ primary goals is to direct the viewer through a constant discovery. 

Ken is now also working on a series of landscape paintings he refers to as “Windows to the World”. These works are reflections of the Australian landscape painted from both memory and photographs.  Minutely detailed panels juxtaposed with expansive passages of sky and water, they explore the moods, colours and ever changing patterns of the world in which we live.