A professional artist since 2004, John Lacey paints impressionistic landscape and expressive contemporary works in oil on canvas.


During the developmental years of John’s art career he painted in watercolour and acrylic. In early 2004 he changed mediums to oil and also ventured into expressive contemporary work that complements his traditional style. 

Born in South Australia in 1947 John’s experience began in his school years and, despite his passion for art, did not have the opportunity to attend art school. Although disappointed he found he enjoyed working as a Motor Body Design draftsman until his art interests were rekindled in the early eighties by a number of South Australian water colourists. It was the softness of colour, light and atmosphere they created that captured his imagination. This led him to improving his drawing skills and painting in watercolour, exhibiting and winning art prizes.     

At this time he found art a great release from the mundane tightness of day-to-day drafting activity. So much so that in 1984 he changed profession to Graphic Design, which involved more study and a lot more creativity. Although not having any formal painting tuition he was able to study colour theory and illustration within the Graphic Design course, both of which have helped his painting.

John’s work is ever evolving and he uses the landscape as the vehicle to express his creative thoughts. His paintings have a strong sense of place although moving toward the abstract with an underlying design quality, texture and colour.  He continually hones his drawing skills by attending life drawing and, because of this, he has a developing interest in portraiture.